Nearly 12% of Texans, 3.2 million individuals with age 65 years old, and that number stays to grow. This number is expected to reach almost 20% by 2050. This increase in the elderly population will likely lead to an increase in the need for all types of personal and health services, medical care, care at home, personal care, and long-term concern and YourTexasBenefits is of much requirement.

Texas Health and Human Services at YourTexasBenefits give a variety of assistance to Texas seniors that support secure their well-being, dignity, and choices with alternatives. There are also support plans for several informal caregivers. Experienced HHS workers and paid entrepreneurs can give eligible Texas seniors with access to services that:

Create chances to live autonomously within individuals and the benefits by YourTexasBenefits:-

  • Learn more about federal and state constitutional rights and advantages.
  • Give caregivers the means to do the jobs.
  • Allow a way to meals at home or in groups.
  • Identify supported home care, day plans, or nursing home services for which they are qualified.
  • Lawyer for individuals living in nursing homes.
  • Mere guidance people to the appropriate long-term care assistance.

Some plans, for instance, local aging agencies, are accessible to everyone 60 years of age and older. However, other assistance, such as home care or home care, is based on some of the income and resources at

Search the listing of all HHS long-term plans and services and access the easy to use a search engine to find the local HHS office, Resource Center for Aging and Disabilities, Regional Agency on Aging for more details for YourTexasBenefits. Visit the government agency or the Texas Benefits site for data on available services and how to apply for YourTexasBenefits.

To achieve this goal with the Your Texas Benefits, we will explore contributions and connections with local communities, stakeholders, and the individual and non-profit areas to find resolutions that highlight the effectiveness and special responsibility of the program.