Medicaid Card


For YourTexasBenefits, Texas Health and Human Services Commission launched a New System Using Digital Technology to analyze the procedure of testing an individual’s Medicaid eligibility and obtaining Medicaid medical history.

How To Use Medicaid card At YourTexasBenefits?

The Texas Advantage Medicaid card follows the Medicaid Client ID Cards (Form 3087). An online site where Medicaid providers can receive up to date data about a patient’s experience. History of services and procedures given by the official Medicaid Card.

What data is present on The Card?

  • The design of the new card corresponds to the measures of the Working Group on Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI).
  • It was prepared to display the same type of data that is conferred on private health insurance cards.

Front of The Card:-

  • Customer name and Medicaid credentials number.
  • Name of managed care program, (if applicable)
  • The date of the issue printed on the card.
  • Pharmacy billing information.
  • Names and contact details of health insurance.
  • Medical and pharmaceutical data for Medicaid Limited Plan.

Back Of The Card:-

  • Nationalized toll-free number that clients can get.
  • If you require guidance or have queries with the card.

An official website ( where Clients can learn more about Medicaid and access the Medicaid medical history. The site will be fully operative at a later step in the project.

Automation Alternatives – YourTexasBenefits

However, there are many alternatives providers can practice to access Texas Medicaid clients and medical data. With this current Medicaid ID card, a card browser is not needed to access the Texas Benefit Card Provider Portal YourTexasBenefits.

Manual Entry

The client’s Medicaid license number as Patient Control Number: PCN is printed on the exterior of the card.

Magnetic Stripe Card Reader

A captivating stripe card reader can be employed to read the patient’s Medicaid ID number and automatically enter it into the online portal.