The Your Texas Benefits Application is for individuals in Texas who have applied for or initiated SNAP dietary benefits and also the Health benefits Medicaid and CHIP. TANF cash support is also a beneficiary of the YourTexasBenefits Login portal.

Manage and view the cases immediately from the phone at any time therefore use the app to capture a photo and post us the files we require. Set up and view notifications about the cases. When it’s time to renew the benefits. Individuals can also report specific modifications to the circumstances and find an office nearby to get all the detailed assistance.

Take a look at the cases: If you don’t already have one, create a new Texas Benefits account. Check the status of the services. Check out the values ​​of the benefits and find out if it’s time to renew the benefits. Manage account settings and also change the forgotten password. Update the contact numbers. Sign up to go digital and view the letters/forms we send you.

Send us files and upload images of the files or forms we require from you, then send them to us. View the relevant alerts and case history thereby receiving alerts about the cases, View files downloaded and sent through the site, and the YourTexasBenefits application, View the change reports.

Report modifications to – Phone numbers, Personal addresses, and email, People love them, Living costs, Job information. Find an office – Find HHSC offices, Find community partner offices, Find the current location or zip code. Your benefits in Texas are available now online and mobile.

Superior is a fully-owned subsidiary of Centene Corporation, a Fortune 500 organization. Centene is a diversified multinational healthcare corporation that produces a portfolio of support for government-sponsored healthcare programs with an accent on the uninsured. It also joins other healthcare companies to give specialized services such as behavioral health management, corrections, dental assistive services.